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I made a slideshow about how to create a fictional character… I got most of the information from the ‘start writing fiction’ (free) course on the OpenUniversity website and found it incredibly useful so here’s a visual version for you :)


Idk why I keep getting sad over people that don’t give a shit about me.

Finished Durarara!! Volume 9 in a couple of days!

That was the fastest record in reading a volume translation! I’m getting good at this stuff. ^^ Getting ADDICTED is the right word, though.

Reactions to be posted later in life. Although I’ll mostly squeal about Izaya-san’s madness. *A*

Although I’m really itching to post my feels now, it’s already 10pm, and I’m currently using the app. Also, my pimples are multiplying. Literally. I’m worried.

I won’t be able to post anything tomorrow. My family and I will be going to someplace, so it’s a day-off. Besides, it’s Holy Week. At least I’ll have two days without the laptop. (Though I didn’t get to have 1 day without any internet. I’ll probably just use my phone instead of the laptop. Close enough to sacrificing. Not so good, but it’s the least I can do I guess.)

Argh. Ang daldal ko ngayon =.=

Maa, good night. I’ll just use the queue, then. ^^ Ja na.

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Don't take the "shipping war" that seriously. As someone who has seen shipping wars in every fandom that she's been in on the Internet (since 1999 btw), it's "normal" and is going to exist regardless. I'm just glad that Kishimoto is going to make a pairing official so that at least the "officialness" debate will have an end date. The shipping war itself is eternal (it will just change to "what should have been official" instead).

I knew it, it’s just me. =w=” I guess I really hated how shipping wars actually had serious swears and all.

*shrugs* Maybe I was just not used to hardcore wars oAo


"You first wore a short skirt and shook your butt, saying "touch me.""


I will protect your future. {}



Read from right to left :)

This is a little manga I wrote to show how a girl’s efforts to make someone hurting smile ends up revealing a similar compassion from the very boy she was trying to comfort. It shows how a little kindness can sometimes seem pointless but it can be contagious and turn around to help the person giving it more than the one receiving it. 

SDOHUFodshuf omg this is so so so so so cute I love iiiit ahhh

You guys can safely look at my pimples now. #selca #VOLCANO

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